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Travel Bucket List: How on earth do I choose from so many intriguing possibilities?

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One quote from my book is that travel is a bottomless pit for the sufficiently curious. I’ve been to forty-six countries countries now, and yet, I still feel that there’s so much more to see. A few places on my immediate bucket list:

1) The Galapagos- I’ve seen photos of the marine life there, and it looks breathtaking. They have very unique animals that are hard to find anywhere else, such as sea turtles, penguins, and iguanas. Most likely, I will go there next year, on another small cruise. I do like the fact that I only unpack once on boat trips!

2) Ukraine-I have ancestors from this part of the world, and the history fascinates me. I went to Russia several years ago, and it would be interesting to see how it compares. I miss borscht sometimes, and I’m sure that it’s available in Ukraine. By the way, I wrote this post before the huge news story about Ukraine!

3) Portugal-I never went there when I passed through that part of Europe as a college

student. The language is beautiful, and I like Mediterranean cuisine, generally speaking. I would also like to learn more about the history, as they were once a global power.

4) Sri Lanka-the heat would be a challenge, but they have tea plantations there! I’m a

fanatical tea drinker, usually having it two or three times a day. I saw a coffee plantation

in Colombia, and now I want to see a tea one.

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